Thursday, November 18, 2010

Perspective on the holidays...

This post has nothing to do with crafting, nothing to do with thrifting, and nothing to do with home decor. This post has everything to do with perspective.

As Christmas approaches (it's only 39 days away!) I find myself overhearing a lot of griping and complaining. I'm used to seems like everyone has something to complain about every minute of every day (I'm guilty as charged!) but negative thoughts about Christmas?! Of all the holidays to complain about, people choose Christmas? Why not Halloween?! That's a scary holiday anyways, if it can even be considered a holiday. I understand where these negative notions come from. Christmas has become less of a religious holiday and more of a retail holiday. Buy this, buy that, the kids want this, the kids want that...want want want buy buy buy....

Let's take a deep breath...

He is the reason for the season...

Christmas is not supposed to be stressful. It is not supposed to be about lists and shopping trips. It is supposed to be a celebration! Celebrate!

While we are all writing our letters to Santa Claus, it seems that we too often forget that we've already been given the best gift that anyone could ever imagine! It makes me so sad that this celebration has turned so secular. We put a jolly rosy cheeked man in a big fluffy red suit and for too many people, he takes the place of the baby lying in a manger...

God, forgive us.

I pray that we can all gain a little more perspective on this holiday and celebrate it for what it is. I wouldn't mind if they didn't play Christmas music on the radio, or put decorations up in the malls, as long as I could continue to call it a Christmas tree and not a "Holiday" tree. A Christmas tree. It's Christmas...not Xmas.

Now, don't get me wrong...I love Santa Claus just as much as the next girl, and I too find myself amongst those who have forgotten the reason for this glorious holiday. But this weekend, I had a moment that helped put it all back into perspective for me.

This may sound silly to most, but it meant the world to me. This weekend, my amazing mother bought me my first nativity scene. We stopped by a Christian supply store, and when I saw it I just couldn't take my eyes off of it! It was unlike any nativity scene that I've ever come across.

 It was the figurine of Mary and Jesus that really spoke to me. In all other nativity scenes that I've found, baby Jesus is in fact laying in a manger, and He looks like He's about 3 years old. But here, He is being held by His mother Mary, and it touches my soul to the core. I stood and stared at this figurine for about 7 minutes straight, trying to hold back tears (I know, I'm dramatic.) But just look at them!
Does that not touch your heart, even just a little? I tried explaining this to my husband, but bless his heart, he could care less. Trying to get emotion out of him is like trying to squeeze orange juice out of an least when it comes to something that I'm emotional about. Now, if the Portland Trail Blazers ever win the NBA Championships I know he'll be balling happy tears like a baby! But anyways, I know that there are others out there who can look at this and feel touched.

This one picture...this one image of Mary holding her baby sums up everything that Christmas should be about.

I just pray that everyone at some point during this holiday season can feel the amount of pure joy that I felt when I looked at Mary holding the baby Jesus...even if it's only for a split second. It turned my perspective around. And with the right perspective, this season will be more joyous and celebratory, and less stressful and chaotic. Just remember that :)



  1. Thanks Rachel. I totally needed this. I've been so worried about getting a start on my gift list, planning our schedule for Christmas day, and thinking about how our finances are doing that this miraculous time of year is passing me right by...and then I feel like the worst believer ever.

    I'm a mess. Good thing my Heavenly Father gave me the gift that keeps on giving two thousand years ago. :-)

  2. this looks like Willow Tree, i love Willow Tree stuff but i havent seen this one before, i love it though its beautiful!