Thursday, April 22, 2010


I had another dream about the wedding the other night. I dreamt that the wedding was over, and everyone was leaving, and I had this aching feeling that I didn't even get to talk to anyone during the reception. It all had gone so fast! I can only imagine that this is what it might feel like on that day so I am starting to prepare myself. I don't want ANY wasted time that day! I want to mingle, dance, have fun, and hangout with EVERYONE that comes to the wedding. I want to savor every single moment, and that starts now! We had a site visit this morning. We are getting married at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, WA. It is a beautiful place for a wedding!

We met there with the photographer, the caterer, and one of my moms friends who will be helping set up. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing team that will not only be helping to set up a beautiful wedding, but also helping keep my moms stress level at a stable 6 instead of 10. We got everything laid out and all the times finalized and I feel so much better! I really don't have any reason to be stressed about anything at this point, and bless Eric's heart, he is just going along for the ride! Only 92 days!!!! 3 months!!! Yay!!!


  1. First thing's first--I love your blog's new do. :-)

    Second, yes. It does go by too fast. Even with everything perfectly coordinated, it's still a TON of activity packed into a small amount of time. The best thing you can do is have an excellent photographer to capture every moment. We were so busy celebrating with everyone, we didn't even get to eat! Even then, there are some people I missed.

    We should do things like they did in the old days and throw a week-long party!

  2. It does fly by very fast that day! The first thing James said to me when we got into the limo to leave after the wedding was "MAN! That went by so fast!". Just try to savor every moment, especially during the ceremony. Someone gave me that advice when we got married, and I am so glad they did. Just slow it all down, and take it in :)